The Islas

The Islas are a four-piece New Pop // Indie Rock band formed in Norwich, UK. We consist of four members:


Nathan Baverstock (21) Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Archie Horrox (23) Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ross Allen (24) Lead Guitar

Ed Chalu (21) Drums

We formed The Islas in the Autumn of 2016 each of us coming from different musical backgrounds we knew what it would take to make a successful band. We worked hard from the start but didn’t release any material until we had perfected our sound. Lots of hours were spent in Ed’s House working with new guitar sounds and chords while trying to piece together what it was that we actually wanted to create. We take inspiration from a huge collective of artists. Despite our reservations about labels - we believe that the Indie Genre is the widest genre and takes influence from a wealth of music. Which is exactly what we do. As a band we try to listen to music together and give ourselves time to digest and feedback on each others musical preferences.  This makes us stronger when writing together.

Our songs have meaning - and we don’t mean that in the superficial X-Factor way we truly mean that. Our lyrics stem from personal experiences and the world around us heartbreak harnessed by teenage rebellion and a pop at the political agendas we hear so much about. It’s difficult to understand why so many bands recycle the same lyrics over and over - maybe the world doesn’t need another boyband with love songs right now?

We have already made a good impression on social media with our website created a few months back we uploaded two demos “The Luck of the Draw” and “Control”.  We briefly wrote a little about what the songs meant and had over 1,000 plays on each within the first few days. This has set us up perfectly to release our debut single “A Generation To Forget”.

With a prepped and tight setlist under our belts and an agenda we’re ready to start performing across the country. Looking to break out amongst other successful emerging bands around us with our clever lyricism and catchy Jazz-like guitar sounds. We’re determined this will be a great year for us.

We hope to catch you at a show soon.



The Islas